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The Egyptian Calendar

Keeping track of hours, days, and months was of the utmost importance to the Egyptians, as there were many sacred occasions that had to be observed in order that the spiritual bond with the gods and with the dead could be maintained. The task was complex and crucial enough to require the complete attention of specially trained priests whose duty it was to mark the passage of time.

The new year started with the inundation of the Nile, presaged by the first appearance of the star Sothis (Sirius). Now the Egyptian calendar followed the lunar model, with 12 months of 30 days each divided into three seasons. The difference between the solar and lunar year was compensated for by the presence of the five Epagomenal Days, the sacred days commemorating the births of Asar, Heru the Elder, Suti, Ast, and Nebt-Het. The actual year is 365.25 days long, however; our calendar takes this into consideration, giving us an extra day every four years (the 'leap year'), added to the month of February. I have allowed the leap year to extend the month of Pharmuthi by one day on leap years to accomodate this difference.

The following table converts the modern (Gregorian) calendar to that of the Egyptians, for the sake of maintaining the traditional sacred occasions. The dates have been adjusted to the Sothic year, which starts on July 21 in 2004.

Season of Inundation (Akhet)

July 21 Month of Djewhty begins

July 21 Wepet Senet (New Year's Day); Sothis (Sirius) reappears

July 22 Night of the Tear; inundation of the Nile begins

August 20 Month of Paopi begins

September 19 Month of Athyr begins

October 19 Month of Khoaik begins

November 17 Festival of Sokaris

Season of Growing (Proyet)

November 18 Month of Tybi begins

November 19 Festival of Asar's Beauty

December 18 Month of Mekhir

January 17 Month of Pnamenotu begins

January 17 Lamentations of Ast and Nebt-Het

February 16 Month of Pharmuthi begins

Season of Harvest (Shemu)

Mar 18 Month of Pakhons begins

Mar 18 Festival of the Djed Pillar

Mar 25 Festival of the Coming Forth of Minu

Apr 17 Month of Paoni begins

Apr 17 Beautiful Feast of the Valley

May 17 Month of Epep begins

June 16 Month of Mesore begins

Epagamonal Days

July 16 Epagamonal Day: Asar

July 17 Epagamonal Day: Heru the Elder

July 18 Epagamonal Day: Suti

July 19 Epagamonal Day: Ast

July 16 Epagamonal Day: Nebt-Het

For your convenience, this calendar is available as an .ics file for downloading and use with iCal or other compliant calendar applications: Egyptian.ics, 9k.

All materials copyright 2003, Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik