Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

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Heru (Horus)
Lord of Things to Come

The son of Ast (Isis) and Asar (Osiris), Heru was, at his birth, the heir apparent to the divine empire of Egypt, combining the cunning and intelligence of Ast with the grace and wisdom of Asar. The tragedies surrounding his conception and childhood serve to reveal the sentience of the universe itself, as events and consequences arranged themselves to produce and then protect the first truly magickal child.

Heru reigns not in our time, but in and beyond the future. He embodies the fears and hopes for all of our tomorrows, commands the coming of each new day, and whispers the secrets of his time to the prophets of our own. Dwelling as he does on a distant event-horizon, he cannot come to the assistance of those in need in the here and now, but he can and will set mechanisms in motion to allow the faithful to overcome obstacles further down the time-space continuum.

His gifts are necessarily inscrutable, as he alone can see the result of each infinitesimal, interlaced decision that is made; with each step that we take he observes firsthand the inevitable outcome of our choices. What may seem to us as misfortune in the here and now, Heru recognizes as a necessary determinent that will secure the proper place and state of mind for a future gain.

Heru watches over every crossroad, standing in the distance along the one track that you will eventually decide to travel. His command of the interconnectedness of events comes from the clarity of his hindsight as he watches us from our own futures. The metaphor of the butterfly, the flapping of whose wings begins a chain of events that eventually create a hurricane, is the perfect device for contemplating the wisdom of Heru. Knowing the outcome of every act, he reduces the apparent chaos of our world to a simple but infinitely long chain of causes and effects.

As the Child King, that is, the lord of Things to Come, he moves and lives always ahead of ourselves. His present is our future, his world the world of our children, his simple observations our prophecies. In his eyes we may catch the reflection of our own destiny.

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