Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

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Djewhty (Thoth)
Keeper of the Book of Life

Ibis-headed enigma, inventor of language and writing, the Egyptian Prometheus. Djewhty descends gracefully, leaving his mark on the faithful with a few gentle strokes, then returns to his place of watching to witness our struggles, defeats, and triumphs.

Where Set is cold, calculating, and ambitious, Djewhty is the passionless watcher and chronicler of us all. It seems paradoxical that he should intervene on our behalf, but of all the gods, he is the most apt to come when (properly) called. In calling on him, however, one enters into something of an unspoken bond: for from that point on, Djewhty will record one's name and deeds in his great Book of Life; and one is then guaranteed to be subject to final judgement in that vast, dim hall in the Tuat that awaits us on our death. This is the price of evoking Djewhty to intervene in the affairs of a mortal.

Djewhty's wisdom and erudition are unmatched. Kings and queens, and even the other gods themselves, have sought his counsel and aid through the aeons. He has eyes that see both forward and backward in time, and is thus nearly omniscient. Perhaps it is this very omniscience that saps his own Will from his heart. He can see the end of the universe, and all the threads of action and reaction that lead from here to there. Knowing one's own fate, and the fate of all the others, how could one deign to act at all? Only with the courage that comes to one without fear, love, or any other emotion.

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