Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

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Neteru, the Gods of the Black Land

Please note that this is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of all of the gods who were at one time or another worshipped in Egypt. Instead, I have endeavored to provide insight into the characters of those gods which I myself, in my own personal practise and study, have been fortunate enough to be touched by. The only exceptions to this are those gods which, either by accident or by inquiry from a visitor such as yourself, I have been inclined to research from a strictly academic bent. In general it should be easy enough to distinguish the two from the tone of my text alone.

Nuit, Lady of the Stars

Ast (Isis), Queen of Heaven

Asar (Osiris), God of our Fathers

Nebt-Het (Nepthys), Goddess of That Death Which Is Not Eternal

Suti (Set), the Adversary

Heru (Horus), Lord of Things To Come

Anpu (Anubis), Guide to the Dead

Djewhty (Thoth), Keeper of the Book of Life

The Neteru

My relationship with the Neteru is ever expanding as the Great Work goes on. It is my belief that through offerings and supplication we are gradually awakening those who once ruled over the entire earth, but now slumber and starve; and that time will bring the triumphant return of Ma'at to this world of ignorance and injustice.

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