Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

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The Dedication of the Temple

This rite is a general-purpose evocation that can be used to dedicate a room as a ritual space. It can also prove useful as a sort of cleansing ceremony to be performed in each room of a residence, to remove any latent energies remaining from previous magickal work.

Begin by facing west, the ritual knife sacred to Djewhty in hand

Praise be unto Asar Un-Nefer, king of eternity, lord of the everlasting, whose forms are manifold, whose works are mighty.

The point of the dagger is thrust westward, while vibrating the name


Turning counter-clockwise to the south

Praise to you who created the gods, who raised up the sky, who spread out the ground; who made those below and those above, he who lights the two lands. Open the doors of heaven, throw open the sky to me.

The dagger is thrust to the south, while vibrating the name


Turning counter-clockwise to the east

O Ra, the womb of Nuit is filled with the seed of the Spirit which is in her. The earth bends beneath our feet. O ye who rise and rejoice, carry us with you; let us live forever.

The point of the dagger is thrust to the east, while vibrating the name


Turning counter-clockwise to the north

O grant unto me a path whereon I may journey in peace. Thy water is to thee. Thy flood is to thee. The doors of heaven are open to thee, the doors of Nuit are open to thee.

The point of the dagger is turned to the north, while vibrating the name


Turning counter-clockwise to the west, thereby completing the circle

Praise to the lord of truth, whose shrine is hidden, from whose eyes mankind issued, and from whose mouth the gods came into being. As high as is the heaven, as broad as is the earth, as deep as is the sea.

The dagger is thrust westward a final time, with SILENCE being vibrated in place of a name. Eyes and arms are raised to the sky.

Above me stretches Nuit, the Lady of Heaven. Beneath me lies Geb, the Lord of the Earth. At my right hand Ast, Lady of Life. At my left hand Asar, the Lord of Eternity. Before me rises Heru, the beloved Child and the Hidden Light. Behind me shines Ra, whose names the gods do not know.

All materials copyright 2003, Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik