Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick

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The Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik

The Reverend Doctor Corey Bantik has been actively pursuing his esoteric studies for almost twenty years. His earliest experiments involved what he called "natural magick", but his interest soon turned to the study and practice of western esoteric traditions and ceremonial magick. He began the study of Qabala in 1989, investigating traditional Judaic sources as well as the more readily available European interpretations. Rev. Bantik founded and led a small Golden Dawn study group in the mountains of Virginia, and for several years thereafter immersed himself in the works of Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waite, Eliphas Levi and Kenneth Grant.

Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik, circa 1990

In the early 1990s, Rev. Bantik became an active member of the small but tight-knit community of online occultists that interacted through the alt.magick Usenet groups and IRC channels like #thelema. This is the community that pioneered such concepts as real-time multi-user virtual ritual spaces and later went on to create Nutmeg, the organization of occultists, mystics, and persons of "alternative spiritualities" organized to explore the community-building potential of the then-new Internet. Rev. Bantik served on the Board of Directors of Nutmeg for several years and helped coordinate the annual gathering of its members from across the world.

His first exposure to Egyptian magick and religion was through the distorted lens of the Hermetic revival of the 19th century. After a fiery and decisive rejection of the Judeo-Christian symbology of the GD and OTO systems in 1995, Rev. Bantik vowed to start from scratch and discover-- or create-- a system of magick and mysticism that resonated more closely with his own sense of spiritual truth. As he reexamined and rejected layer after layer of staid esoteric doctrine, he felt his thoughts repeatedly returning to the gods and goddesses of Egypt. He finally resigned himself to this line of study and began preliminary work on a system of ritual magick that aimed to be as true as possible to the spirit of traditional Egyptian magick and religion. The Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick (MERM) web site was launched in 1996 to share his early discoveries and insights with the rest of the community.

Since then, Rev. Bantik's material has found its way into numerous online encyclopedias, high school and college curricula, research papers, and even a "Vampire: The Masquerade" game module. What began as a search for an antidote to both the highly formalized and repressed Victorian esoteric traditions and the less formal but somehow artificial neo-Pagan approaches to modern spirituality has become something much greater to Rev. Bantik-- a religion, in the truest and deepest sense of the word.

It is hoped that this site continues to be a valuable resource to those who are interested in the modern interpretation and practice of Kemetic religion and magick.

For those who would like to contact the author, the e-mail address is kemet at While he appreciates all of the correspondence he receives, Rev. Bantik apologizes in advance for any less-than-prompt replies.

All materials copyright 2003, Rev. Dr. Corey Bantik